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2020-11-06 7:32 pm

Telegram account watch bot

I added XLM account watcher to my Telegram bot, so I could get a notice when the balance changes.

You can add multiple public network accounts to watch. It's currently checking accounts every 5 minutes, maybe i will adjust that as it makes sense. You can start a conversation with the bot, and hit 'start', then use the following commands:

(Note: address is the public address.)

/xlm bal address - get balance

/xlm watch address - get notifications of balance changes

/xlm rem address - stop receiving notifications for address

/xlm watches - show a list of address you are watching. you can also use /xlm list

Here's the link to the bot: http://t.me/UnidadBot

Some screenshots:

Here's an example of a received alert:

You can also watch asset accounts:

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