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2020-09-21 2:41 pm

Fantasy Linux®

We are happy to announcing Fantasy Linux®, a command-line Linux® distribution which takes aim at the most powerful user. The following commands are included with your installation of Fantasy Linux®.

black on/off --everybody

Change Facebook theme. --everybody changes it for everyone.

X -fast -faster -later

(Alias : dos)

(upper case X) low level format that rewrites all bits to zero on all connected storage devices, then shuts down the computer. The "-fast" switch makes it work fast. The "-faster" switch makes it work faster. The "-later" switch causes the command to execute 60 seconds after you've left the building.

x -quiet

(lower case x) prints "Hello, world!". The "-quiet" switch disables output.

mine -(number) -w (wallet) -c (currency)

Mines bitcoin. Default is one. If you want more, specify with the switch. Example: mine -5 will mine 5 bitcoin. Default is BTC. Specify alternate currency with -c switch. Use mine -l to list supported currencies. The -w switch specifies the destination wallet address. Default wallet address is my address.


These commands put your computer in emulator mode. For example, to turn your computer into an apple ][, use the command ][. The computer will return to Fantasy Linux® after a reboot.

cloak on/off

(Alias: decloak, is the same as cloak off)

This command encrypts everything on your computer and the entire Internet with a Tor firewall so nobody can see you. "cloak off" or "decloak" restores everything to the way it was before cloaking.

hack (email address)

Hacks another persons computer. Specify the target by email address.


Hacks an atm within range of your Bluetooth.

alacsa -brick

This command will hack all spy pods in the room. The "brick" switch will brick the devices.


Sends spam to a million random email addresses.

dancer -race=(race name) -exotic -penis

Makes a naked lady dance on your screen. Specify the race of the lady with the race switch. Default gives you a random race. To see a list of available races, use "dancer -list". The '-exotic' list displays an exotic dancer. The "-penis" switch displays a penis on the lady.

card -t (type)

Print out a fresh stolen card number. Use the "t" switch to specify card type. To get a list of supported card types, use "card -list"


Make the computer do random stuff that causes it appear that you are working. It opens and modifies random files, sends random emails to your contacts, and stuff.


Display the latest "frog in a blender" video posted to youtube.

choke -d (device)

This command chroots any device. To get a list of currently accessible devices, use "choke --list"


This command prints a list of everyone who is spying on you.

donk -p (person) -all

This command forces the person specified in the -p switch to stop spying on you. Specify a person printed in the "aha!" output. The "-all" switch donks everyone spying on you.


The exchange command puts your computer in "cryptocurrency exchange mode", which allows people to launder money through your computer.

nsa -legit

This command puts your computer in NSA mode, enabling you to surveil communications from everyone. Use the legit flag when you are actually NSA and surveil with authority.


Myfi hacks all wireless networks within range in realtime and builds a wireless mesh for free.

fuzzer -domain (domain)

This fuzz-attacks random websites (default). The "-domain" switch lets you specify the target.

Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

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