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Convert UFS drive to Encrypted ZFS on Root
Beamsee App - Text to remote desktop with end-to-end encryption.
CVE Database: unique, common identifiers for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities
curlyq: Open Source Postman Alternative
Stellar XLM account notifier Telegram bot
Getting the Firefox gamepad api to work on FreeBSD
godot 3.2.3 on FreeBSD 12.2 with Joystick support, exporting FreeBSD template
Xorg/X11 Screen recording program: vidcap
Modding Krita
Creating a 1,000 year archive with Linux, Blu-Ray M-Disc
Setting up a Stellar Validator Node on Alpine Linux
GTK Audio Player for WAV-format Albums purchased on Bandcamp
[Satire] Fantasy Linux
Store encrypted strings in KWallet (Qt5/c++) AES using Crypto++, minimize to tray.

Other Articles

Encrypt yo mamma with Kotlin

Other Works

Mutant Punk City - Game for children
IRCNow notes
Sleepy Cats Stellar Meridian Hackathon 2020 Submission
Relax Stellar Community Fund Submission
Photos 2011-2014 (2020 Book)
The Ugly Hate (2019 novel on Amazon)
The Ugly Hate (2019 novel on Barnes & Noble - Hardcover Edition)
Valentine's Special /AKA The Dreamers Heart (2011 photo essay on Amazon)
20202020 Meditations (2020 Music Project/in progress on Bandcamp)
Tradetal Cryptocurrency Trade Accounting Software
WAGOGAMES project (2020)
Moda Culta Fashion Photography (2019)

Historical Links to my GIT Repos

py-encrypt - Python program to encrypt/decrypt files using assymetric keys
solopor - Federated Activity Pub implementation in PHP
FileSystem - File Manager in mono C# using GTK3
Yubikey OTP 2FA for Zap
WebAuthn/ FIDO2 / CTAP 1/2FA authentication for Zap
FixMSFU - quickly remove 1,000s of UPnP devices that appear on MS Windows machine caused by crazy Cable Modem ISP hardware.
dcraw-m (Modified to export thumbnails
multiraw (Run dcraw image processing in multiple actual threads. ie, NOT the magic auto-thread library!)
libdouble-conversion bin-dec and dec-bin routines for IEEE doubles
elmboxo - Parse and Import mbox format into mongodb
beenie - auto mount SD/SDHC cards and copy the contents
libfortuna - fortuna random number library (I was mentioned in a university textbook for encryption course)
hvis Qt5 image viewer with swipe/touchscreen support
phpsh - PHP Shell
nugget - Qt5 touch screen calculator that supports date/time math operations.