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Convert UFS drive to Encrypted ZFS on Root
Beamsee App - Text to remote desktop with end-to-end encryption.
CVE Database: unique, common identifiers for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities
curlyq: Open Source Postman Alternative
Getting the Firefox gamepad api to work on FreeBSD
godot 3.2.3 on FreeBSD 12.2 with Joystick support, exporting FreeBSD template
Xorg/X11 Screen recording program: vidcap
Modding Krita
Creating a 1,000 year archive with Linux, Blu-Ray M-Disc
Setting up a Stellar Validator Node on Alpine Linux
GTK Audio Player for WAV-format Albums purchased on Bandcamp
Store encrypted strings in KWallet (Qt5/c++) AES using Crypto++, minimize to tray.

Other Articles

Encrypt yo mamma with Kotlin

Other Works

Mutant Punk City - Game for children
Photos 2011-2014 (2020 Book)
The Ugly Hate (2019 novel on Amazon)
The Ugly Hate (2019 novel on Barnes & Noble - Hardcover Edition)
Valentine's Special /AKA The Dreamers Heart (2011 photo essay on Amazon)
20202020 Meditations (2020 Music Project/in progress on Bandcamp)
WAGOGAMES project (2020)

Historical Links to my GIT Repos

py-encrypt - Python program to encrypt/decrypt files using assymetric keys
solopor - Federated Activity Pub implementation in PHP
FileSystem - File Manager in mono C# using GTK3
Yubikey OTP 2FA for Zap
WebAuthn/ FIDO2 / CTAP 1/2FA authentication for Zap
FixMSFU - quickly remove 1,000s of UPnP devices that appear on MS Windows machine caused by crazy Cable Modem ISP hardware.
dcraw-m (Modified to export thumbnails
multiraw (Run dcraw image processing in multiple actual threads. ie, NOT the magic auto-thread library!)
libdouble-conversion bin-dec and dec-bin routines for IEEE doubles
elmboxo - Parse and Import mbox format into mongodb
beenie - auto mount SD/SDHC cards and copy the contents
libfortuna - fortuna random number library (I was mentioned in a university textbook for encryption course)
hvis Qt5 image viewer with swipe/touchscreen support
phpsh - PHP Shell
nugget - Qt5 touch screen calculator that supports date/time math operations.